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The WHALe league was started in 1985 with 8 teams participating.  It has grown to 28 teams with approximately 3,800 swimmers!

WHALe Meeting
Tuesday April 8th  6:30 PM
Falcon Point Country Club

Judges Clinic 2014

DATE               TIME             CLINIC TYPE         POOL          INSTRUCTOR

May 3               8:30am-10:30am           Recertification             FPST                Rochelle

May 7               6:30pm - 8:30pm          New Judges                  FPST                Rochelle

May 12             6:30pm - 8:30pm          Recertification             CRSR                Jennifer

May 17             8:30am-10:30am           New Judges                  GWST              Rochelle

May 17             8:30am-10:30am           New Judges                  CRSR                Jennifer

May 21             6:30pm-8:30pm            Recertification             FPST                Rochelle

May 28             6:30pm - 8:30pm          Recertification             CRSR                Jennifer

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Map to all pools/Locate a swim team near you and identify those that are open to non-residents
Mission Statement

The West Houston Aquatic League (WHALe) is a recreational summer league whose main purpose is to give children an opportunity to participate in organized swimming.  The primary emphasis is in individual improvement and achievement.  Sportmanship is emphasized for all participants, children, and adults.

For information about finding a swim team to join or coach, send an email with your name, street address, subdivision, phone number and email address to board@swimwhale.com

Mailing Address:  WHALe
                            PO Box 333
                            Katy, TX 77492